Standard Termite Inspections

Regular Termite inspections (at least every 12 months) are very important ,this provides you with the best chance of detecting Termite activity before any or much damage is done.

These Inspections cover the following:

The readily accessible areas of the building and the site including,

The home interior, home exterior, roof space (pending access), subfloor space (if app), the grounds inc fences and trees within the property up to a distance of 50 meters from the home.

For inspections we use following equipment :

Moisture meter.

Because termites are almost 100 % moisture, this is an effective way of detecting activity, because there can be other reasons for High Moisture readings besides termites, This is only used as a guide to detect areas which require further inspection, with either


Borescope this piece of equipment allows viewing of areas that would otherwise be impossible to see into, eg wall cavities, inside trees.

Upon completion of an inspection a detailed report is issued , often photos are included, along with comments on improvements/alterations that can be made to the home to reduce risk of termite attack.


1 in 5 houses will experience termite damage during their economic lifetime

1 in 3 houses have active termites in their yard

Termites cause more damage in Australia than floods & fires combined

Only inspections, professional service & advice as per Aust. Standard 3660 can deliver you peace of mind from termite attack


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